Hi! Be Nice to Yourself.

A letter.

If we learn so many different nouns, verbs, adjectives, and nifty ways to communicate with other people, shouldn’t we use those tools to be nice to ourselves first? Why should someone use all the tact and diplomacy they know with another person, but not for themselves? How does that make sense?

There are many relationships we have with our internal selves: the master and the slave, the boss and the employee, the parents and the child, and the big brother/sister/mentor who just wants the best for you.

It’s the person that’s showing you how to do something. When you make a mistake or do something wrong, they chuckle, laugh with you, and offer a way to help or improve whatever you’re doing, in a kind way.

Write a letter to yourself. Be nice. Submit the Gdoc link here. 

Thank you and good luck!


Reading tips:

If you read one sentence at a time and imagine that someone else is reading the next sentence, it’s kind of like talking! 😀



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