I am a Gorilla.

Thank you Toastmasters of District 97p. 

Leadership in 2022.

I believe that people of all ages are looking for a certain blend of freedom, impact, and values.

What is a guerilla? In modern business macro and micro management science, combined with situational leadership, a guerilla represents core members of key units of teams working independently towards multiple objectives that simultaneously and successively branch towards a common goal. 

Think lined up Redcoats vs five NAVY Seals.

Their experience and interactions lead them to articulating and creating their objectives in life, along with the path, each action step to a desired outcome.

In both our physical and digital landscapes, we must be servants to our teams. 

Entitlement, bias, and expectations are murky waters to be waded through softly, gently…within reason and with clarity. 

For example, I’m currently taking a trip down memory lane.

Throughout 5,000 photos and videos of our philanthropy with

Wat Pak Bor and Wat Rat

Over five years,

I see the faces of thousands of potentialities.

The impact of what my team has inscribed into our school’s history is permanent. Each moment reminds me of what I work for each second and every action per minute.

Clicking towards a goal.

The Students.

The School.

The Digital Ecosystems and Cybersecurity.

The Nurses Going Abroad: Each New Laotian with a chance at coming back home with 1.6 million baht.

Toastmasters and its 100 year anniversary…

The barriers to a youth leadership program at Toastmasters are movement and a proposal waiting to be written.

Leading through each day, in written, visual, and audiovisual infographics, I struggle with communicating my ideas efficiently and passionately while taking into account a person’s confidences, hopes, and dreams.

Battling siloization where people just prefer doing their own thing (shrug).

But, trying to create a picture of a vision waiting to happen.

Can you imagine it?

I can see it.



Satellite View.

On a bridge in Bangkok, Thailand.

The sun rises over skipping fish on the shimmering surface of a river.

A river with a ghost story.

Construction begins with a dam cleaning the river, 

A foundation of concrete and steel hither,

Bamboo and traditional tones throughout,

Wavelengths of streaming knowledge and epiphanies,

Labs, art studios, a cement dance room, classrooms with circular strength,

The safety of knowing when one’s mind is at ease,

Learning begins.

To lead is to follow. To follow is to lead. To serve is to protect.

To envision and express these ideas that could one day change the life of just

One person…



WIth that, you increase the probabilities of a rippling effect.

In conclusion, I would say my leadership style is one of constant self-analysis and growth, seeking to find the patterns throughout human behavior, financial independence for one and all, and 

A vision worth fighting for

A path worth walking down

A safe place to try out the real sandbox that is this world.



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