Subject: Open Me, It’s a Letter from Your [relationship title]

Write a letter to the closest person to you in your life. The person who’s had the greatest impact, the person who’s been there the longest, the person who supported AND challenged your thoughts throughout your life to help shape the person you are today, reading these words before you.

This is an email you will send to that person, hopefully starting a lifelong email thread. Best of luck!

To: My brother’s email address
From: My email address

Subject: Open Me: A Letter from Your Little Brother

To my dear brother,

 Hi, how was your day? I hope it was good and you ate something delicious. 

 One of my happy memories with you is …

There was one time when I went to a summer camp in …

Thank you for everything you do for me. I am truly grateful.

I hope you are happy with your work, your [pet], and your [something]


[your name]

P.S. (try a postscript)



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