U.S. Education Visa Interview Questions and Tips


Write an answer of about 50+ words explaining your answer by answering the question in PEA format as a general template to help you out in your answers for the interview.

Point – What’s My Point? Answer the question

Evidence or Example – What’s the reason the interviewer should believe me? Information, data, dates, reasons, and logical reasons why I should be accepted to visit the US.

Analysis or (Opinion) – What do I think about what I just said for my point and evidence? 

= conclusion. “I’m ready for the next question, please.” (without saying it)

Feel free to add any other questions from your research for complete preparation. 

Brainstorm. –> Write. –> Edit and improve.

Practice and record + live practice.Sleep well and relax.Review your notes again before the interview and you’re good to go.

Who is your sponsor? Who is sponsoring this exchange program? What is the name of the school? 

Where will you stay in the US? Whom are you staying with? How do you feel about that?

What do your parents do?

Do you have relatives in the US? Where you are staying?

Why do you want to go to the United States of America?

When will you leave and when will you return?

What visa do you want and why do you want that visa? 
(explain student visa, the program, and exchange benefits)

Why will you come back? What guarantees you’ll be coming back to Thailand? What holds you here?



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