How to Communicate Effectively in 2022

Good evening fellow Toastmasters and honorable guests.

Thank you for the opportunity to engage in our question and answer session this evening.

Today, our topic is communication.

I will be giving a short presentation on what I believe are bullet points

To effective communication in 2022.

Each segment has tips and elements I would love to share over the course of 30,000 hours of interaction over the past 17 years.

Active Listening.

Active Listening is important because you can learn more by listening than speaking.

Writing the Question Down.

Writing it down makes it real.

Writing the Answer Down.

Writing a person’s answer acknowledges their mind. 

You honor them in this.

Asking for Confirmation.

Clarify, seek to understand but not attack, and hope for the best.

Point, Evidence, Analysis.

What’s your point?

Why Should Your Audience Believe You?

What Do You Think About All of This?

What, So What?, and What’s Next?

What’s the reason for speaking?

What’s the reason I should LISTEN?

What’s the next step?

Agenda, Action Steps, and Expectations.

Time is precious.  It helps to have a flow of points to cover.

End with action steps.  Then everyone knows what they’re doing next.

Make expectations clear in a polite, but firm way, with respect.

Written, Verbal, and Infographic English.

People these days take IN 


In such a wide range of



For you can multiply.

Tone & Calm Manner.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter what you say.

Control your volume, tone, and face. 

That will protect you from, all…going crazy.


People seek to be understood and heard.

If you acknowledge their truths, desires, and deeper motives,

You will succeed in communication.


Seek not to deflect or conflict with a person’s logical path of words/thoughts.

When it’s your turn to speak, open with,

“I’ll extend that with,”


“I agree completely.  What you say makes me think of…”

Mutual Agreement.

When people agree on a real timeline of events

And reasons

And impact

And history,

They can come to mutual agreement and succeed together.

Thank you.

We’ll be engaging in a short Q&A section on the above bullet points;

I’ll share the screen for ease of communication.

Please let me know if you have any questions by raising your hand or speaking up.



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