A Poem for February 1st, 2023

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com
This poem is dedicated to

I want to be an artist.

I believe that an artist does what machines cannot.

We exist, live, and breathe on a timeframe given to most.

During that time, we splice together the knowledge and experiences of generations past in whatever form they leave behind.

What do I like to make?

I like developing people and making smiles happen.

Satisfaction from the core source: within.

It only happens when a person masters their own “sheep-in-the-box.”

The canvas is irrelevant.

The story within every person’s life is remarkable,

and the medium takes on any media.

That 0.5 second before and after a genuine, natural, spark-of-the-moment-happy-moment,

and telling the story that leads up to it,

and what might happen afterward,

is my art.



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