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by Paul Hun Park & Amornrat Pangbubpha Park

Too Lazy To Read Will Read Later (TLTRWRL)

  • The roadmap begins with financing a vacant property near by Udom Suk.
  • Built to MOE specifications.
  • Build the first four units of low-cost, modern design, traditional materials, and local labor as a prototype.
  • Provide housing to all maintenance staff, teachers, teacher assistants, and internal staff as part of salary packages.
  • Teach and expand.
  • Build out a labor pool to build each prototype, successfully more efficiently, and at higher cost savings or value to the homesteader.
  • Combine school, cafeteria/cantina, and housing on 1-acre plots of land.
  • Replicate the model throughout rural areas with high population density and consumption metrics, but relatively low GDP (but rising).
  • Invest in key categories and set up mutual funds in providing annual budgets for (1) teacher fund, (2) construction labor fund, (3) food/drink fund, (4) materials fund, (5) utility fund (power, water, and sanitation), and (6) real estate fund. 
  • The investment team actively seeks the highest & safest CD financial savings products with zero to negligible fees.
  • Retail investors are able to invest in each fund at correlating savings rates, minus 0.1% to collectively add to each fund of choice.
  • Most HR, Accounting, Sales, Financing, Admin, Communications, and Miscellaneous Costs handled by I.BE Co., Ltd.
  • Limits are set to spend all interest earned, minus inflation adjustments and 0.2% for continued growth, noting that the end curve will be slightly negative and require infusions from endowment funds to achieve sustainable growth. Once certain numerical barriers are passed and in contrast to the low ratio of income historically distributed to each category of fund, sustainability is assured if systems are adhered to and the whole financial system of savings interest doesn’t fail.
  • Sales at 1m per property/unit. I was thinking of building units that cost maybe 500k, on 50 sq m., and offering financing for 1m at 4%. and making a grid of four of them to share a common area with a really nice kitchen, Thai style.
  • Write in a clause that the land can never be sold if there are at least three living family members who want to live there and maintain familial homeostasis.
  • Integrate health, legal, and travel services after the educational, financial, housing, and sustenance categories are handled.
Storage, Shed, Garage, and Open Area

Home for four

Pool or pond 

Home for four


Kitchen & Dining


Home for four

Livestock & Pets

Home for four
Parking, Stalls, Seating, or Open Area + Drive Way

2 bedrooms 

1 big one and one medium-sized one

2 bathrooms – full

1 common kitchen area for four units for a full family with three generations.


 water filtration and watering for plants

 solar panel and one battery for power offset and efficiency


Select excellent small business owners in the area.

x4 or 9


Thailand, SE Asia, and Asia generally lack quality EFL (English as a Foreign Language) education, competent EFL teachers, and English programs that produce quantifiable results due to the “bystander effect” in most educators and administrators in most educational settings.  The solution is an institution driven to achieve the goals of the students, not administer a “one size fits all” approach to a person’s learning path. As a result, Bubble Language school has built a language institute of international standards both face-to-face and online in several countries.  We focus on academic English, Thai, functional English, Korean, and social mobility—enabling a student to go where they choose on their own terms.  Bubble Language School has for eight years, and with over 20 years of management experience, managed and expand with passionate teachers who have taught in multiple countries to thousands of students. Notwithstanding, there are hundreds of students who are now or already have been abroad through our work, working on their goals.


“We Build Better Students.”  Simply put, the first step in our consultation process is asking, “What is your goal in learning with us?”  After identifying the dream, we look at the action steps and barriers of entry to said dream.  Then, we begin generating and learning what needs to be learned in order to pass said barriers.  Products and services range from educational support in international schools, local schools, university programs, master’s programs, admissions processes, and writing of all forms.  Our industries of students comprise the entire spectrum of what people are learning in higher education and applying to the real world.  Thais spent approximately 3.5 billion USD in 2014 on private English education. This includes but is not limited to private tutoring, small-group, large-group, corporate, young-learner, and academic/institutional classes.   The number has increased.

The two dominant businesses in Thailand and Asia, in general, are Wall Street English and British Council.  They generally charge 3,000THB-5,000THB (86.65 USD- 144.42 USD) per month.  They produce results to be able to communicate in English on a basic to intermediate level, given a student completely automates, and self-sufficiently commits to the learning programs/steps.

Bubble Language students are ex-Wall Street English and ex-British Council, students.  Students start those programs and quit due to a lack of customization and student-centric programs.  People in 2023, are less interested in inanimate regurgitated stories than a genuine human being interested beyond the surface levels of communication and academia.  

Progression beyond where these programs drop off has been our specialty for the last ten years.


A home base registered in Thailand as an educational institution, benefiting from Thai Tax law exemptions for businesses (Co.LTD) operating as education institutions, currently operating in the US, Thailand, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the UK, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan. 

In an educational climate of dominant private and public institutions, offline and online learning induced by the pandemic, and evolving needs ranging from daycare, special needs, behavioral improvement, motivation, life coaching, language instruction, and improvement, the specialized generalist of a tutor emerges as most effective. While individual tutor negotiates leverage from their own background, skillset, and specialization, the Bubble Language School’s diverse teaching team encompasses the breadth of education, both academic and professional, in a systematized format of dynamic growth, student-centric flexibility, and goal-oriented teaching, tutoring, mentoring, coaching, guidance, and learning.

In a world of vastly prioritized automation and elitism, the majority of the education market seeks a better alternative; Bubble Language School offers all mainstream and alternative approaches to success with a human touch: a real team and group of people behind the student, supporting them in their goals with their skills and networks in the past, actively in the present, and cognizant of preemptive adaptation to the future. 

  • Specialized generalists trained in adaptation and tool/platform usage. 
  • Driven and focused on client aims and their facilitation: student-centric and flexible
  • We care and spend longer each day and overtime with our clients than any other facet of education
  • Methodologies, flexibility, professionalism, IQ, Q&A skills, certifications, experience, and successful case studies
  • Dedicated, goal-oriented team with an extremely low turnover rate spanning 4+ years average of each teammate
  • Research, knowledge, skills, breadth of knowledge, access to information and networks, individualized, utilitarian, and stoic philosophies, and an emphasis on personalized social mobility.
  • Track history and founder backstory + vision vs the competition
  • Outcomes, Successes, and Case Studies
  • Hyped-up Word of Mouth and Social Media Platforms

Mission Statement: The Agile Manifesto for Education

We are uncovering better ways of developing people by doing it and helping others do it.

Through this work we have come to value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Functional, useful capabilities over comprehensive documentation

Collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

Goals & Objectives.

  1. A replicable program of improved digital infrastructure and education at local temple schools in Thailand and beyond.
  2. Collaboration between organizations to offer: networking, internships, excursions, tours, esports events, academic tutelage, knowledge sharing, and research.
  3. Improved digital literacy throughout teachers, students, and local communities for opportunities.
  4. The scholarship program is sustainable and takes on new members annually.
  5. An international volunteer base for people to share their expertise in: art, music, dance, gaming, life, business, medicine, law, information technology, digital products, hardware, and a basis of modeling for a virtual school and expanded home base.


If the right person is given the right opportunities and guidance, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

We teach coach, guide, and mentor people in any skill.

We believe the more capable a person is, the more confidence and high success probability they have.

We help inspire goals.

We use our words, listen, respond, adapt, and grow together.

We are committed to building better people.

We teach anyone and seek out those who need help, but can’t help themselves…yet.


“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

-Albert Einstein


Bubble Language School started in Bangkok with four students in 2015 around a plastic table and $300 a month in revenue.  In January 2017, our team began searching for and contacting schools in the local area to propose a regular weekly program focused on English communication, Google tools, and team-building.  We were successful and entered into working relationships with two schools: Wat Rat Satthatham School and Wat Pak Bor Foundation School.  The first is a public school with government funding and the latter was started by a monk with 10 students.  After roughly ten years, there are now 1,001 students.  The English teachers there do have a hard time communicating in English and an ICT (Information, Communications, and Technology) program doesn’t exist.  In May 2018, we taught weekly programs and ONET English testing preparation at our language institute, Bubble Language School at Sukhumvit 81.  As of 2018, our language institute has adopted the following model: 95% of our working hours are dedicated to helping people customize their learning through private sessions and small groups for over 200 students in the greater Bangkok area.  The remaining 5% of our time is spent helping balance access to educational opportunities.

In 2019, IBE began teaching six hours a week to 180 students at Wat Bak Por Foundation School, a temple school located in the On Nut area.  Each class comprises 30 students; three classes are for first graders and three classes are for fourth graders.  Our teachers teach the fundamentals of English communication, Google tools, and positive reinforcement to the students once a week for an hour at a time.  A teacher who walks into a room filled with 30 students is presented with a clean slate: a chance to do good in this world by creating memories in the minds of their students.  These memories and this impact have truly unknown implications throughout the rest of their lives. 

In the third quarter of 2019, IBE began teaching the teachers of WBPFS in hopes of increasing collaboration between the upper echelons of society and the rest of the population.  Citizens can be aware of what is happening in their countries, but until they see it with their own eyes, action is limited. Even once that is achieved, there are many milestones to pass. The teachers at WBPFS are a special breed of teachers and the interaction was overwhelmingly positive in the relationship forged, regardless of communication difficulties. 

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the closure of schools nationwide between the months of March 2020 to July 2020.  In April 2020, IBE in collaboration with WPB began weekly one-hour, online English tutoring classes for nine WPB students on a scholarship basis funded by CKE Engineering Co. LTD (weekly one-hour tutoring classes for 52 weeks).  As of the date of this document, the weekly sessions continue, focused on English articulation, knowledge from sources in English, and digital literacy with the prospect of more students added to the scholarship group on a regular onboarding basis.  

As of 2023, Bubble Language School has taught over four years at temple schools, at over 12,000 hours of work for the temple schools in Thailand, over 1,800,000 THB in efforts, hardware, and software, and continues to work with teachers, schools, students, scholars, and volunteers on a daily basis.

A Bubble Language School team member is required to devote five percent of their work to philanthropic aims, mainly, those who cannot help themselves, yet.

Demographics on Thailand.

More than 652,830,4183,625,336

In the city of Bangkok, 8,280,925 (2010 World Census Report) Thais live in a 605sq. mile area. Imagine a 20-mile by 30-mile grid with approximately 7 million people working and more importantly, studying.  By 2030, Bangkok is expected to have a population surpassing 10 million.  Bubble Language School students are ages 3 years old to 80 years old.  It is an even mix of males and females.  The social statuses range from income levels at minimum wage to the top 1% of the wealth in Thailand.  Their educations range from zero formal education to multiple PHDs.  On average, most students are B1-B2 in their communication abilities for most languages and are in a transitory stage, meaning they are choosing the next few steps in line with a coherent three-year plan.

Key customers.

Bubble Language School’s key customers are predominantly aged 14-54 years old with most on or having passed a university path to a stable career.  Their educations are supported relatively well through additional external tutoring support.  The majority of students seek private tutoring for their goal-specific needs.

In 2023, revenue is projected for a 200% to 300% increase as Bubble Language School opens group classes for competitive group rates for student education visas for an extended stay in Thailand for refugees, potential students, and people looking for a change.

Customer management.

Bubble Language School maintains excellent relationships with its students.  5-star reviews on Google have been viewed over 100,000 times.  With 52 reviews, Bubble Language School has a digital presence similar to major competitors, but at the fraction of the cost due to organic digital marketing methodology.  The average length a Bubble Language School student studies with our school is approximately 21 months. 

Anticipated Demand.

The demand remains still great based on Google Trends and keyword searches on Google Search Console and other internet traffic metrics.  The rather large group of the emerging Thai middle class has begun to realize the value of English education, as South Korea did 20 years ago. In 2014, South Korea spent approximately 16.3 billion USD on private education.

  • What is the anticipated quantity of products/services your customers are likely to purchase?
  • For example, how much will an individual customer buy in 6 months or 12 months?

Pricing Strategy.

Tuition and fees are based on a per-hour or per-outcome or per-program basis.  Bubble Language School actively practices the philosophy of “making it work–in doing so, we help each other.” Ecosystems and economies have much in common, with sustainability as a primary value in Bubble Language School decision-making ‘trees’, fees are adjusted based on the range of the available teaching talent available both locally and internationally, measured upon the skill set, experience, and specialized aid provided for Bubble students by the Bubble team.  The fees are as follows in THB, to be converted to USD at 33 THB per one USD.  Primary categorization metrics are (a) skills required to learn/teach said subject & (b) age in terms of developmentally appropriate practices.

  • Do you have a particular pricing strategy? 
  • Why have you chosen this strategy?
  • Value to customer
  • How do your customers view your products/services
  • Are they a necessity, luxury or something in between?

Growth Potential & Strategy

In another core aspect of the business, the human resources department would partake in pooling and selecting candidates for the position of English Teacher and Corporate English Consultant on an 18-month cycle (six quarters) on an 18-month contract at 50,000 THB per month.  Budgeted annually at 600,000 THB and 900,000 THB for the term-based employment contract of one teacher under Infinite Consulting Co., Ltd.  A teacher would be responsible for at least 120 hours of class per month in addition to 5% (6 hours) of tutoring a WPB student or teaching an English class at WPB.

Phase 1.  Maximize one teacher’s personal schedule on a very limited marketing budget (Paul). 

Create a waitlist of over 15 students.

Outsource classes/students to other tutors for a commission.

Create a student database.

Original estimated time: 9-12 months. 

Status: Completed in 6 months.

Phase 2.  Rent/lease/buy a location where 2-4 classes can be taught simultaneously | Bubble Language School @Sukhumvit 81

Traffic and transportation are direct factors in student attendance.  A location within 300 meters of a subway station is the absolute best location.  This monthly expense range is 40k-70k THB (1,052 USD-2,120 USD).  

Estimated Time: 24 months

Status: Completed in 2021.

Phase 3.  Build an online EFL program specifically for Thais.

The greatest limitation in any business is time.  Online classes are the future of every form of education.  Take MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Princeton for example.  They all have appropriated massive amounts of funds to develop the best online programs in the world.  Everyone deserves an education.

Practically, due to the population density here, transportation is the strongest limitation of the earlier stages in this phase.  I have run online programs in four countries for the past four years.  I will explore, and develop the online market in Bangkok, then Thailand, and beyond. 

Estimated Time: 24 months.

Status: Completed from 2021-2023 during & post-pandemic

Phase 4. Current Phase. Group Classes & Edu Visas. Expansion and Upgrading the Office.


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