A Poem for February 7th, 2023

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This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It’s like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety.

Now listen.

I vary the sentence length, and I create music.


The writing sings.

It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences.

And I use sentences of medium length.

And sometimes when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals—sounds that say listen to this, it is important.

So write with a combination of short, medium, and long sentences. Create a sound that pleases the reader’s ear. Don’t write just words. Write music.

Gary Provost

Gary Provost was born in 1944 and died in 1995. He was the author of many books across a range of genres including four award-winning young adult novels. Provost was also a highly sought after writing instructor and published a number of writing advice books including Make Every Word Count (Writers Digest Books, 1980). Read more about Gary Provost at garyprovost.com, a site established and maintained by his wife Gail.


Speak with a combination of short, medium, and long sentences. Create a sound that pleases the ear. Don’t speak just words, sing.

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Our Story

It all began around a portable plastic picnic table…

I landed in Thailand for love.

Searching the world over, I kept looking for someone to build a life with, to build a future with, to find and seek happiness with on a daily basis.

I had found her in Hawaii and later, I came and got her.

Bubble Language School was born.

We started by teaching her cousin and her three friends around a plastic table at a Thai university.

We became small business owners with a simple, but unheard of model.

Teach first, get paid later.

Achieve results first, and then good will come, in the form where sustenance can be purchased, stockpiled, and made ready for emergencies.

Learn about the world, all its tools, and finance in order to build a place for people to come and feel safe.

For it is only then can they thrive.

Whether you work a job, have made use of your advantages, or are just trying to make your business work, we’re here to help.

Teaching online, face-to-face,

helping others achieve their goals,

because in this,

we find our satisfaction in the pure development,

and positive impact we have in our own little way.

As you learn with us and read our words, please know that they come from a place of kindness and understanding,


of experience of the trials and tribulations that make




What are you doing nowadays?

Currently, we’re creating work for those in need.

We’re seeking to build the following:

  • A peaceful, conducive learning environment (phase 2)
  • Group online & face-to-face English & Thai classes
  • Confidence and Speaking One’s Mind
  • Basic Group English class for Student Visas

And teaching people who exist on the same planes, that links do indeed occur, and that it’s possible to pierce through and find ways to improve the lives of those around us and ourselves in the same shot.

A Poem for January 29th, 2023

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This poem is dedicated to

Like the colors of a rainbow,

ranging nationalities live on varying social planes.

Loopholes and the difference in relativity amongst costs and obstacles

make for wonderfully complex scenarios from singular perspectives,

nonetheless, when a person can pierce through the systemic and budgetary limitations to build,

the ball starts rolling up.

A Poem for February 1st, 2023

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This poem is dedicated to

I want to be an artist.

I believe that an artist does what machines cannot.

We exist, live, and breathe on a timeframe given to most.

During that time, we splice together the knowledge and experiences of generations past in whatever form they leave behind.

What do I like to make?

I like developing people and making smiles happen.

Satisfaction from the core source: within.

It only happens when a person masters their own “sheep-in-the-box.”

The canvas is irrelevant.

The story within every person’s life is remarkable,

and the medium takes on any media.

That 0.5 second before and after a genuine, natural, spark-of-the-moment-happy-moment,

and telling the story that leads up to it,

and what might happen afterward,

is my art.

A Poem for January 27th, 2023

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This poem is dedicated to

You taught me that little things become big things,

like the drop of a pebble into still waters,

a tiny action becomes something massive,

so I learned to be wary of my actions,

and whatever impact thereafter.

Now, it makes me dream of being parked in front of a river at sunset,

with my loved ones around,

having dinner with the geese as they honk in happiness.

the sound of laughter and clinking utensils rustles on the evening breeze,

I hope I can bring you there.

Poetry for January 25th, 2023


[Long wind up to a life quote.]

If life gives you melons, you might be ADHD.

Draft 4:

Thank you for the warm welcome to speak before you all today.  

Once upon a time, Kāl khrậng h̄nụ̀ng nān mā læ̂w, the Burmese and Thai have been in conflict stemming from ownership of religious artifacts rooted in Buddhism.  As a result, deep-seated political impact makes it difficult for normal people to get even a student visa in Thailand.  

Foreign nationals from other countries receive different standards based on the status of relations between countries.  Therefore, there are different standards in immigration processes.  Bringing it back home, I am fortunate enough to be a father, in a double-income household, where we are lucky to have two people helping us raise our young.  

After a year or so, they are in the process of building three languages: their own native language, English, and Thai.  Hopefully, I’ll take them from a total of three years of education, to the GED and enter university.  However, there are people who need them back home in Burma.  

There are the questions within their mind as they go about their day-to-day as they live in a society that looks down on them.

In a society where, when asking for help, people have become more and more shy.

Should I stay a year, save, and then return to my mountain tribe to care for my beloved elderly?

Or, should I develop my skills to max out my monthly earnings, create an annual rotation of family members caring for our elderly, and our generational home? 

They don’t believe it when they see an outstretched hand in front of them,

And sometimes, I see suspicion lurk beneath.

Or something else.


What’s right and good

Is just

Too hard to see.

What it takes, as I reflect upon my leadership path, 

Is waking up each day and looking them in the eye.

Smiling while acknowledging,

Wishing them a good morning and good day.

Explaining that as I am the oldest in the household,

I am at their service, as the bottom of the totem pole.

I will be ground to dust as I age and pass,

With each newest generation at the top, and each aging person in support and love for the next,

While being certain to look at the growing forest around you,

For they represent every one of the ten billion plus living souls on this planet.

Recently, two more souls dropped into this situation.  A Burmese English teacher and his wife, exiting their home country as the political and social climate continues to destabilize.  Unable to receive accreditation or even simple high school certification documents, they are here to stay, vowing not to return.  He will be a teacher in Thailand, but who will hire him and sponsor his visa?  Who will help him earn and then pay for a university degree that would help them obtain a visa that means sanctuary?

Without any organizational help, this husband and wife must labor and work. 

They must apply for an immigrant laborer visa and the mind of a teacher would be swirling as he labored with his hands.

The hypothesis to solve this sticky scenario is:

Open educational opportunities and language acquisition

Enable pathways and passage to barriers of entry.

Methodology and skills-building aside, how many years would it take for this couple to function as a social and educational gateway for people like the ladies who love and care for my sons, 

for students who want to learn?

For people seeking refuge?

For minds yearning for different dynamic work?

To break each barrier, the categories are four:


What can I and can’t do? Yet? Why?

What’s stopping me?


What funds do I need?


What documentation in society enables me passage? 

A ticket?

A degree?

A certificate?



What do I need to be able to do?

What skills do I need to be successful in?

What do I need to be able to do at the drop of a hat?

Rube Goldberg experiences and reflection in leadership

Be funny.

Day 1


Day 2

After showing a half-cylinder strut/support structure

Reflection time

Mindfulness time – 3 mins in a TeePee

Teamwork, collaboration, tone, vibe, understanding, environment, bringing people together

Needing simple things like a proper copy machine.

Website hosting costs.






Whiteboard markers. Oh the whiteboard markers.



Toilet paper. So much toilet paper.


trash bags.

There is a chasm between people these days.

What one person can do with a computer, a family struggles to find workarounds.

Over the last five years, I’ve tended to hire the people who are in most need of a job.

A sanctuary.

A place to be welcomed and listened to.

An environment in which growth mindsets reign

And keen awareness of a person’s desires that power them through each day…

If you’re sweet and kind and can tell yourself, “My job now is to teach, to open doors for those daring to cross its threshold.”…

You’re tidy, clean, an arranger, and an organizer. You have a big heart but have your personal tendencies as well. You’re a little crazy sometimes, but you have learned with time, experience, and care, to breathe in and out and maintain composure.

You like to sing tunes, and have a smorgasbord of rhymes stored in your head that come about suddenly from time to time and are filled with affectable ethics, morals, and tidbits of knowledge. Teaching basic arithmetic, scientific concepts, and sustainability are as natural to you as teaching a child to recognize shapes and animals. You’re savvy with online educational platforms and have experience adapting content relatively fluidly and with sometimes, personal style. You also like to tinker around with furniture and interesting adaptations of resourcefulness to create better surroundings.

You’re human and seeking an environment of growth, acceptance, and kindness, willing to focus on strengths to bring about positive outcomes.

We’re flexible and adaptive, and reasonable.

We can’t pay much.

Need funding.

Need experts.

Need people who want the endgame sync.


I think being a leader is being the bottom of the totem pole.

A person in the group who everybody hates the most. 

It’s the guy that has to be separate from everyone else when everyone else is having fun.

It’s the person who finishes everything and makes sure that everything is going well.

So that everyone can have peace of mind in whatever they are doing.

They can have all the tools that are necessary at arms’ length.

Within the environment they’re in,

And he does this silently,

And quickly,

Like a ninja,

And janitor.

And that everyone 


What I think I learned about leadership here.

[บทกวี] A Poem for January 23rd, 2023

This poem is dedicated to

Harry Potter

This poem, young lady,

is for you.

There will be a wide range of influences in your life,

Sometimes, there will be ups and downs, full of strife,

But remember, be yourself,

for everyone else is already taken.

I love and appreciate who you have become,

and I have nothing but hopes and dreams for who you will become.

When I look into your bright eyes,

I see sparkling intelligence shining back at me.

A life,

A mind,

A person,

A wonderful human being,

brought to this planet,

to add whatever she chooses.

Happy January 23rd, 2023.

Hover over me.

IELTS Speaking Prompts on Memory

This post is dedicated to

Why do some people have good memory while others just don’t?

Why do more people rely on cell phones to memorize things?

Are you good at memorizing things?

Have you ever forgotten something that was important?

Would you say you have a good memory?

What is your earliest memory?

Have you ever forgotten an important date, such as a birthday, anniversary or deadline?

Which do you usually remember more clearly, happy moments or sad moments?

Do you know anyone who has a ‘photographic memory’? (A photographic memory means you can look at something once, but still remember every single detail about it, such as a phone number, a street name, or someone’s clothes)

What are some of the benefits of having a good memory?

What sort of things do people need to remember every day?

Are there any things that are especially important for people to memorize?

Do you think having a good memory is important for students?

Do you believe that technology helps people recall past events? How?

Do you think there are important things left out when we rely on cell phones for memory?

[Poem] For January 21st, 2023

This Poem is Written By

Workers without a master are just rogues without a goal

Fumbling, mumbling, and tumbling around

Without working, without toll

The workers of today have no shell or soul

Alike ants without their queen, they are just mounds

Everything is not what it seems

Everything could just be a dream

What is reality even

Is it just a priest’s preachings and amens

Is it just a king’s tale and his omens

Or is it sinners and their confessions

In reality, we’re all lost.