[POEM] A Poem for January 17th, 2023

This poem is dedicated to

Happy for you

A gang and community around yourself.
connecting deeply
mixing cultures

A work in progress. 😛

What relates to fact?
What relates to me?
What relates to beyond me in other people around me (micro–> macro)
What provides evidence of a clearly defined moral compass and leeway from it?

Reputation is the cornerstone of the digital ecosystem.

Through reputation alone, you can achieve lifestyle design and financial independence,

given you have the skills.

Once your reputation slips, however, you become open to judgment without true understanding.

Make your reputation a filtered deluge. The masses (of data), show that you represent your core beliefs,

your authenticity is truly represented…

They will judge no matter what. But remember, that you can curate how and eventually why they judge you.

So much depends on reputation.

Especially in a digital age.

Make your observations as you go and see how you create your own version of self-expression.


remember, it’s a blacksmith-of-an-event.


[dikt] A Poem for January 15th, 2023

This poem is dedicated to

The Majesty

Before I became a parent,

life was just taking care of myself and my needs,

my wants, my hopes, my dreams,

my experiences, my life

but now, I have learned that my heart grows both from fear and love every day.

The fear comes from the risk and visualization of impending injury to my young,

the love comes from tracking growth and genetic/characteristics throughout a growing personality,

a little person

who came from nowhere

who is now here

wanting your love and attention,

teaching you the core desires of all people,

and foreshadowing how we approach each facet of life.

My wife says,

“I fall more in love with you guys every day.”

This is majestic.

[诗] A Poem for January 13th, 2023

This poem is dedicated to


When you enter an environment,

people will measure you.

They will compare their looks,




and potential.

Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind

If something is broken, then repaired with a beautiful moment/experience,

then doesn’t that make it more precious — with a greater story behind?

Recognize that you are the operator of your own mind, talents, and art.

There are two kinds of people in this world:

Those that measure themselves in the eyes of others.

And those that measure their self-worth in their deeds.

[诗] a poem for January 11th, 2023

A Poem

This poem is dedicated to

As the massive exodus of Chinese families in search of legal educational aid closes out 2022,

Kids and people emigrate from completely different cultures,

They’re ripped from known environments to suddenly,

being expected to adapt with the best of the best,

master to none and supposed to follow the rest,

significantly and singularly,

provided with examples from the masses.

Stay true to yourself and understand what real experiences are.

Then you’ll see past your obstacles.

The light won’t be hot and bright,

but a signal of a good day.

[[บทกวี]] This Poem is Dedicated to Ball of Anantara

We taught you English in a classroom in a parking garage of a long-term stay hotel of 100 rooms.

You came to every class and improved your skills.

We talked about life, art, English, Thai, work, and fundamentals.

You bought an SLR camera and were uploading your photos to Shutterstock (sometimes in our sessions together).

You went to Japan for your first photography trip.

You returned.

One day, you went home to visit your family.

You came back to watch End Game on a Thai train.

You fell off the Thai train and passed away.

You used to grow vegetables at home and managed the commercial greenhouse at the hotel as a pool attendant.

You learned how to improve your yield with Youtube and autodidactism.

You were taken away by the bystander effect.

[บทกวี] A Poem for January 5th, 2022

12 Failures in a Row Make One Success

I have failed so many times in leading my team I have lost actual count.

On our team, we have 11 different nationalities with 11 different types of passports.  

Diversity is…strength.

And I fail every day in leading them…

In our meetings and work, I can imagine that one team member is learning English, another’s improving their Thai, one’s in the bathroom on Instagram, 

and another’s dreaming about being on a beach with no responsibilities — That’s me by the way.  


In a startup, a growing business, and a small work family, 

personal and professional motivations blur.

Sometimes, the line between work and personal identity mix 

and it’s hard to figure out what’s what.

How to synchronize the efforts of 21 different souls?  

Over 40 people depending on my decisions if you start including kids, parents, and grandparents…

From creating a new sign for our street front to negotiating the takeover of an international school campus,

These four elements teach me every day in each of my failures.



An open-mind.



A constantly evolving growth mindset.

All backed up by


In every scenario, it’s important to maintain a healthy, logical 3rd perspective that protects you.

We have so many different types of communication and interaction these days.

Georgy and Betty, my objective PHD rationalists, 

Are protecting me, and reminding me of what’s fair and right.

Because, they say, “hey, yes, most people would agree that’s a good move.”

“I’ll log that into our Gdrive, and we’ll remember it for future reference.”

“This outside perspective says you’re not crazy. You’re fine.”

In all of this, there are a couple things I have learned.

People never like it when you tell them what to do. 

As problems and solutions are inherently married, opposite sides of a way to a positive outcome, 

People need to come up with the solution themselves.


Because the solution we find ourselves is the most satisfying.

Anything less leads to more stuff you have to deal with eventually. 

So, my failures.

The first way I failed in managing work was a simple paper to-do list. 

How I communicate work impacts how I lead, how I achieve respect, and how we earn trust.

Respect is a two-way street. If I ask for respect from you, you’re getting respect from me, too.

The following 10 failures were a combination of Trello, Japanese KanBan boards, Microsoft Todo… 

To eventually finally write 30,000 words of our company’s bylaws, processes, and procedures,

Which, I am happy to report, is another failure. 

No one reads it. 

But, it’s there!!

So, in summary, here’s what I learned:

People hate to-do lists and management systems that create accountability. 

A leader must guide a team and team members to a solution of their design.

Today, partnership is the best way. 

If you find someone of complementary skill sets, ethics, and a mutual understanding of aims

You both will find a way there.

With each partnership layering inside of a team, you build a system that can accomplish goals small and large. 

And remember, when you fail 12 times, maybe the unlucky 13th is the one that works.

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[คำพูด] A Poem for January 3rd, 2023

Planning and Execution

Hello, everyone. My name is Paul. 

I am a leader, dad, CEO of multiple companies, and executor of long-term projects both small and large.

But, why in the world am I learning about graphic design??

The plan began in Korea, with my very first Macbook Pro. 

It was a cold, snowy day, with snowflakes as large as your thumb. (shows thumb for impact)

I had a full stack of Korean Won in my coat pocket, in a white envelope.

You see, in the digital world, people tend to say that Apple is the best brand for creators.

I had to see.

But, I was too busy teaching to use it to its full potential.

And then, it died.

This is it right here. (shows old Mac)

But, before it died, this computer served its purpose for the plan.

In China: imagine thousands of photos, efforts, and events of migrant schools in China






DEPICT how they only study Chinese and…Math.

Nothing else.

My one and only graphic design project on this computer.

With its death, the lack of the cloud, and the passing of yet another unreliable external hard drive,

Those shining faces remain somewhere on the internet in China.

My plan requires experience, intricate systems, and people. So, we organized sports, English, art, music, and activities for them.

I learned to plan by organizing 300 volunteers and 1,500 student souls through 15 different locations throughout Greater Beijing (which by the way, one district is bigger than most metropolitan cities),

Documenting it all as a journalist, an artist, and a graphic designer to emerge before you today as a hopeful executive creative director.

So, here was the plan: 

Start a Youtube channel in 2017

Learn as much as I can about visual, spoken, and written story-telling in education 

as I build a school where one day, 

I won’t have to teach 40 hours a week.

Treat it like an external hard drive and make use of cloud systems to keep footage from the past and the future.

Build businesses and passive income until I can afford the best tools and have the skills necessary to write, edit, beautify, and present stories.

When ready, test.

So, we recently tested.

We ran a Google ad for Laemthong Toastmasters for 50 THB a day.

It generated 308 impressions in three days.

Then, with the help of Khun Pipat and honorable Khun Chooluck, we created a recruitment video I would love to show to the group later.

Upon posting, we just wanted feedback.

After three days, the impressions from the Google Ad are 3,110 as of this morning.

A video led to engagement and will ultimately convert to phone calls and inquiries.

To be frank, this is but one example of many examples where visual storytelling leads to actionable impact.

In conclusion, in 2022, graphic design, for me personally, has evolved into every way a person uses their mind:

People CREATE something that leads directly to revenue that supports their lives, hopes, and goals.

Success in a digital ecosystem (with direct ties to this physical space) necessitates more beauty…presentation

Leading to action or inspiration.

And, as we grow here together in learning how to speak our minds,

the desire for self-expression




In my 

Heart, mind, and soul.

We are never too old to learn.

Never too old to try.

I can honestly say it was all worth it.

Build a skill. You’ll find many more beneath.

For me, I will be a filmmaker (and something).

Thank you.